Dreams in Summer / If U Want It

by The Bins

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released February 14, 2019

Cover art by Barney Dwyer


all rights reserved


Track Name: Dreams in Summer (feat. Nardo Says)
Dreams in summer make my day
I can close my eyes and wander
To the place I want to stay
And even if the time slips past
In reality's altered maze
I could think...

Hot summer day
Carry me along
Hot summer day
Please carry me along

Hot summer wrong number
Niggas still feel the chills
Call your momma for the hunger
Niggas can't pay the bills
She struggles, we hustle
All about that dollar bill
Yet and still same boat
No sea, water's gone
No more happy days
No milk or honeycomb
Fuck it, let me enjoy the weather
Leave me alone
Rather be up in my own world
Sitting on my throne
Watching it
The sun make the gold glist'n
I'm opposite
Reality calls I don't answer shit
Stop it!
All I want is clear skies
Global warming gorgeous (beautiful)
Naked bitches running 'round
The sun hangs like an ornament
Water's clear to the bottom
You can go skinny dip
Even though it's boiling
Ain't no warning
At least it's safe to sip
I promise you
Cross my heart
You can just let 'er rip
This my world my dream
You should stay a bit
You can thank me later
See it's greater when you think of it


You wanna know the secret?
Just leave it
All that bad news and negativity
Don't feed it
Even if it means your own world
You can't see it
Think hot summer days my nigga
So be it
Fake it till you make it real
Close your eyes and see it
You'll wake up in your dream land in no time
Guarantee it
Or your life back
Before it cracks upon the cement
Bet you come back crying when you need it

Long summer dreams
Sliding 'round my mind

See it's fine when it's blind
And you can control time
And make your whole world's own design
Like mine

Those long summer dreams
Are leaving me behind

Close your eyes and make a wish
that you could just forget
and turn shit to sugar real quick
like this..


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